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About us

  Asgard Mining Ltd was founded in 2016. Our head office is in Sweden and consists of a management department, a PR and sales departments, a lawyer and a finance department. Our technical department is located in Shenzhen (China) and includes 15 people who previously worked in large companies producing miner equipment, such as Bitman.

  We also actively cooperate with firms contractors to solve some technological issues. We independently developed and established the production of 10 nm ASG 1777 chips for use in Bitcoin mining. For the production and painting of boxes, printing boards, the production of power units, we are attracting contract manufacturing companies. We have an assembly manufactory in China, where all the components are delivered and the miners are assembled. Final testing of miners before shipment we produce in Sweden. In the future, we plan to create our own full-cycle manufacturing enterprise.

About technological process

  In 2016, we started developing a sample of a new 10 nm ASG 1777 chip for use in mining. Currently, all development and debugging are completed, the chips are functioning properly. As a basis for the box, we took the mini-marker iBeLink DM56G, as they are ideally suited for our concept and design "all in one" (without wires, protruding from power supplies, without open boards). For us it is important that the device is externally beautiful and neat.

  In September, we plan to present the revolutionary-powerful new miner for the Etherium mining.

Head office

Master Samuelsgatan 60, 8th Floor, 111 21 Stockholm

Technical department

Nanlong Industry Zone , Zhenpuling, Longcheng South Road, Longgang District, Shenzhen, China

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